I joined my father for our usual dinner catch-up sessions. Well, you know, more like me analyzing my food as he talks to me. You see, our relationship has never been an ideal one. But the unconditional love is understood.

He starts telling me about a construction site and piles and piles of gravel and how it’s never fun to look at gravel when you look at a building being built because I mean.. who does? And it takes months and months for them to finally get the gravel out of the way and start building the building they were planning on.

Then he said, well, that’s kind of what you’re going to be going through the next couple of months. Nobody likes the beginning, and it’s not fun at all because you don’t even know what the future is going to look like. But you need a strong foundation and the foundation takes time. And it’s going to be hard but that’s how it was like for me during medical school. Things only got fun during clerkship years. This too shall pass in like six-seven months….And, sometimes you need to read the textbook not once but twice, and that’s ok.



God.  I needed to hear that so badly.







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