The homestretch.

The physical manifestation of stress in the crook of my neck (and several of my other classmates), the inability to take a deep breath, the pounding heart rate when you wake up in the morning and when you step out of class, are signals enough that finals week is fast approaching. I mean, how is it Thursday already, oh and August? I feel like I just started. My friends are off getting married, at their honeymoons, and planning Halloween costumes.
But here I am slugging along for the next two exams: Health assessment (learning all about heart murmurs, peripheral vascular disease, skin disorders, STDs, pediatrics and all of their heart murmurs and developmental stages and all of their different types of assessments, neuro assessments, & Musculoskeletal for adults) and pharmacology (everything you need to know about Infectious Diseases). Whew. To many of you, it may seem like oh, it’s just another exam but for us

To many of you, it may seem like oh, it’s just another exam but for us SRNAs we kind of have to get this 4.0 as we hear the ominous stories from the GAS2s (Graduate Anesthesia Student Yr. 2s) that the fall is nowhere near as easy as the summer semester. Next semester, we learn about principles of anesthesia, the pharmacology of anesthesia, and pathophysiology.

So, wish me luck in learning/understanding/cramming two exams’ worth of stuff in the next 7 days! After next week Thursday, I am a free soul for about 3 weeks (one of which I will be in Peru!).

Then, 24 months of CRNA school to go… Le sigh.