Tumor Lysis Syndrome

My patient the other day was recently diagnosed with AML and ALL, woah haven’t even seen those terms since nursing school… in word documents trying to summarize the chapters we would be tested on. I remember our professor saying this was important because the nursing care for someone going through it was vital. I think the ke word is: nursing care. As nurses, we often forget that.

Here is what you need to know:

Leukemia may affect red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.

Normally, the bone marrow makes blood stem cells (immature cells) that become mature blood cells over time. A blood stem cell may become a myeloid stem cell or a lymphoid stem cell.

A myeloid stem cell becomes one of three types of mature blood cells:

  • Red blood cells that carry oxygen and other substances to all tissues of the body.
  • Platelets that form blood clots to stop bleeding.
  • Granulocytes (white blood cells) that fight infection and disease.

A lymphoid stem cell becomes a lymphoblast cell and then one of three types of lymphocytes (white blood cells):

  • B lymphocytes that make antibodies to help fight infection.
  • T lymphocytes that help B lymphocytes make the antibodies that help fight infection.
  • Natural killer cells that attack cancer cells and viruses.

Blood cell development; drawing shows the steps a blood stem cell goes through to become a red blood cell, platelet, or white blood cell. A myeloid stem cell becomes a red blood cell, a platelet, or a myeloblast, which then becomes a granulocyte (the types of granulocytes are eosinophils, basophils, and neutrophils). A lymphoid stem cell becomes a lymphoblast and then becomes a B-lymphocyte, T-lymphocyte, or natural killer cell.

Adult acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) is a type of cancer in which the bone marrow makes too many lymphocytes (a type of white blood cell). This type of cancer usually gets worse quickly if it is not treated.

Renal System

– Kidneys can be damaged because:

1. Of the chemo’s direct effects during excretion

2. Accumulation of end products after cell lysis. (Remember, the chemo is killing cells

so lots of junk is going to be left over from that. Kidney has to get rid of it.)

– Cell lysis after chemo yields uric acid which can lead to renal damage

– Also, cell contents are released into the circulation once they die. This can result in

hyperkalemia, hyperphosphatemia, and hypocalcemia – Tumor Lysis Syndrome

– Monitor BUN, creatinine (serum & clearance), and electrolytes. IT’S ESSENTIAL.

– Prevention: hydration,dieresis, alkalinization of urine to prevent formation of uric acid

crystals, and allopurinol.


he was being treated for aspiration, cancer metastasis, tumor lysis syndrome and sepsis.

and all I could do as a nurse was perform the tasks that would save his life like titrate his pressor requirements, keep his lactate levels low (sign of anaerobic metabolism), give him abx. But as you see, these are all medical interventions. As a nurse, I prayed for him to get better and for his wife to understand his prognosis. Also, to make sure his course isn’t complicated by pneumonia or pressure ulcers. I also wanted his sedated body to remain clean… You know just like how he would want it to be if he was still talking. He was later transferred to the MICU. I hope he makes it for just a little longer.

New Year; Better Me

This is my generic 2016 growth post.

Career-wise: the countdown to CRNA school begins.I’ll link my video essays I sent to Columbia University. I continue to grow as a young ICU nurse. My coworkers and management have entrusted the role of being a preceptor to newcomers. As well, as covering charge nurse duties.

Family-wise: I think that my parents have finally tasted some freedom. They are enjoying their time in the Philippines. I am eternally grateful that they have reached that stage in their lives that they don’t have to worry about the kids anymore.

Significant other: n/a haha. I have trust in Him that everything will work out like it’s supposed to. That’s actually one of my goals, to find myself spiritually first.

Personally: For one, I finally learned how to swim. Told myself I would pick up a hobby and master it. And, this skill I have been procrastinating on since I was able to make my own money to pay for swim lessons.

This year, I have traveled more than I ever did before. Here they are, locally and internationally. 14 countries later, I love the idea of traveling more than ever. You understand so much about what you want from life. I learned that no matter where I am in life, I want to have the time to keep my desire of connecting and understanding people that are different from me. Because actually we are all quite similar. I guess, we all just want to be happy?

  1. Cancun, Mexico
  2. Washington DC, USA
  3. London, UK
  4. Paris, France
  5. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  6. Vienna, Austria
  7. Prague, Czech Republic
  8. Budapest, Hungary
  9. Montego Bay, Jamaica
  10. Montreal, Canada
  11. Poconos Mountains, Pennsylvania, USA
  12. Hong Kong, China
  13. Bangkok, Thailand ( then Chiang Mai, Phuket, and Phi phi)
  14. Singapore, Singapore
  15. Ubud Bali, Indonesia
  16. Madrid, Spain ( but the best city was Barcelona)

This year:

  • I hope to travel deeply in one place.
  • Be more connected with my inner self and Him
  • Pick up hobbies like pottery and dance
  • Start school and be good at what I do
  • Continue to be a good character to those around me (connect better with people not just social media but actually on a personal level)