Black Lives Matter

It’s been about 70 days since the quarantine happened. The virus has come, peaked and stole thousands of lives, and left. But not for long, we will soon see the second wave.

Last week, a man by the name of George Floyd was brutally murdered by a knee hold by a member of the Minnesota Police Department. It’s so scary to think that not much of history has changed. The governor has implemented an 11pm curfew that changed to 8pm -5am for a week long. There have been protests everywhere, the looting that has started where people believe have been planted by the government as part of a distraction technique to pull away from the real attention to the problem — years and years of systemic racism and police brutality stemming from years of slavery. It’s sad because I still see it in the workplace, being judged based on the color of my skin and my gender. When will it end? Or is the world meant to be an evil place?

To think that not much has changed since Nazi Germany — where one person was able to get away with the killing of an entire race through ethnic cleansing via a fascist regime. History is just repeating itself. We need more education on how to create this change rather than learning about history in textbooks.



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