chicken soup for the soul

Motivating others through your energy is something that speaks volumes.


Isn’t that the case for religion? People who want others to convert and believe in their way of life? By setting a good example and carrying themselves in a way that would only motivate others to do the same.


I’ve found myself lost lately. Only at work do I feel a purpose. Aside from the hourly documentation, trending data and collecting findings for the pilot to make a plan of action (the intensivists), and turning and repositioning of each patient… theres something human about caring for someone who is sick…

Physical, emotional, spiritual.

Never thought of it that way huh?

Through social media, I got reconnected with a friend who is my age. She’s been working as a nurse manager for two years. But wait, how could that be? She’s my age. She believed. She believed and worked hard. Unfortunately, believing (in the Lord, Allah, Jesus, Jehovah) isn’t enough, you also have to believe that you can do it. That albeit some higher power is allowing you the strength to go on but so is yourself. Your soul. I admired my classmates ability to overcome the obstacles that came her way and still managed to present it positively. She donated one of her kidneys to her dad. That takes courage.


Another coworker, who also blogs, exudes so much positive energy in person and on her blog about the daily challenges of nursing that I can’t help but say yes! she hit it on the head. She gave me report once and all she focused on was how speech and swallow cleared our patient and that he was able to eat again. Day in, day out, his wife would come visit, with so much hope in her eyes. I knew that she had been praying for him. His sister was praying too.. I heard her one day. You better believe he made it out.


It’s amazing what an energetic person can do to you. I am blessed to be surrounded by greatness. It’s almost as if when I see something that is not this great, I want to lend a helping hand and lead them the right away.


But sometimes, people don’t complain to hear advice… they kinda just complain to complain. Because complaining feels good. And that takes understanding. Reflective silence is an energy in itself.

Just breathe. Just believe. With yet another day.