Treat the person, not the disease – c’est nursing

Living the good life and getting to meet interesting people everyday.

Our director had a 30 minute huddle with us the other morning reminding us not to forget about how to be nurses. You know, paying attention to the details and tailoring & individualizing each patient’s care plan.

As a nurse you meet all sorts of personalities from your coworkers to the patients you bond with for the next 12 hours, whether it works or not. I often tell my patients, (the A&Ox3 ones that I meet when they’re already OOBTC) that we are going to be best friends considering 12 hours is such a big chunk of time.

I realized I do get attached. I give my patient’s nicknames and talk to them like how I would speak to my child… In a cutsey you’ll be okay voice. And sometimes they don’t make it and you realize this is why you can’t get attached.
Like pop pop with the balloon pump. Le sigh.

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