What you need to know to apply for CRNA school

  1. You need to be an RN.
  2. Are you ready to be broke for at least 27 months? Yes, broke because unless you wanna pull all your hair out working full time, only a per diem job is realistic for a grueling program like the CRNA one. Well, I’ve only heard so don’t quote me on it.
  3. Did you take your CCRN? Everyone who applies for CRNA school are all ICU- experienced nurses. For at least 2 years. You can start the program when your two years is up, meaning you can apply ater the end of your first year in the ICU. Everyone from the ICU’s is CCRN certified. I know, it’s almost like whatever to them, because EVERYONE has it. I recommend Laura Gisparis’s question book and her videos as study materials! 100%.
  4. What kind of ICU experience you ask? I am biased and say CTICU. When I interviewed at Columbia I would say 80% of the people who interviewed had CTICU experience. Well, because we are creme of le crop.
  5. Do you have to take a test? Duh…. it’s grad school. Can’t get off the hook that easy. Most schools require the GRE or the MAT. I recommend the Magoosh GRE prep program! They give you a nice qbank and video explanations. As well as practice tests that are much harder than the actual exam. Magoosh verbal flashcards on your mobile devices are extremely useful for knowing the frequently used words. Especially while you’re on the train or on the go. I also took all of the practice tests on Kaplan and the 5lb book of practice problems (SO HARD FOR NO REASON). I got a 70% on verbal and 60% on math. There is also a writing section. Anything above a 50% on each subject is considered competitive. So anything above a score of 350.
  6. GPA of atleast 3.0 if your experience isn’t all that great.
  7. Certain pre-reqs that vary with each school.
  8. Recommendations- atleast 3. I got mine from my first nursing manager, hi Nicole! I love you!, our ICU medical director, and a charge nurse. Just make sure it’s someone who can vouch and say nice things about you and mean it! Not something generic that they write for everyone else…
  9. Essays – why you want to be a CRNA etc.
  10. Interview! Some schools require you to have extensive clinical knowledge and others just want to get to know you as a person.


I think that summarizes it enough.  If you have any questions please comment below! 🙂

5 Replies to “What you need to know to apply for CRNA school”

  1. Is it usually one hospital where you do all your training? Or do you rotate from place to place?/ Where would you want to end up? I’m applying this cycle. Thanks for all the help!


  2. AWESOME! Which one were you thinking? Cornell or Columbia? I hear great things about Columbia anesthesiology.


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