oxygenation and seizures

OK I promise to write here more often… I meant to start this blog as a way to keep myself sharp and continuously learning. Also, for those who are looking to get into the ICU or in the the health field. I will write random things I learn everyday. Enjoy!


is a face mask the same thing as an aerosol mask?

Is a venturi mask a face mask?

What about a non rebreather?


Remember all those days in nursing school learning all about the different ways to properly oxygenate someone. Rolling out of bed to make it to lab? My teachers were all intensive care nurses … I should have probably paid attention.


So a nonrebreather mask, is 100% oxygen.

A venturi mask is partial nonrebreather mask, the patient gets what percentage of oxygen you give them

An aerosol mask is indeed a face mask. You connect it to a nebulizer set up for humidification.

Oh, and a seizure?

There are absent seizures… where the patient dazes off and becomes unresponsive.

“An absence seizure is the term given to a type of seizure involving staring spells. This type of seizure is a brief (usually less than 15 seconds) disturbance of brain function due to abnormal electrical activity in the brain.”


Tonic- clonic seizures is what you imagine a seizure to look like. An older term for it is “grand mal”

Here the whole brain is affected from the beginning. In (a) there is a cry and loss of consciousness, arms flex up then extend in (b) and remain rigid (the tonic phase) for a few seconds. A series of jerking movements take place (the clonic phase) as muscles contract and relax together. In (c) the jerking is slowing down and will eventually stop.


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