Hi my name is Jasmin Zaman and I have been a Registered Nurse for about two years and some change now. I graduated from Hunter College and before that I went to Brooklyn Technical High School. I initially had dreams of being a physician but deviated from the path shortly after taking a few pre-requisite classes in colleges. Well, you wanna know the real story?

I got locked out of registration. For anyone who has been to college, registration is no joke. I had priority registration as part of the Macaulay Honors Program but to my luck, I got locked out anyways. I forgot to sign up and take my math placement test. And ofcourse this is college and nobody reminds you to do things. By the time I would have taken the exam and got it cleared from my records, I would be left with really shitty professors  who give out the letter C’s and D’s as a habit or be missing a few pre-requisites I would need to apply to medical school. So I thought — why not a backup? Hunter had a prestigious nursing school that accepted 100 kids a year. Based on your GPA and an entrance exam (NLN)… So, I thought I would pursue this backup if and only if I get into Hunter’s program. Nothing else. If that didn’t work out I would always have medicine as a back up. Surely enough, a few hours spent on winter break focusing on the NLN exam allowed me an entrance into the Hunter Nursing program. And, there it was. I have never looked back ever since.

Ever heard the saying I didn’t choose nursing, it chose me. I can’t put into words how much the path to this profession has helped me grow and understand the people around me. It gave me a sense of purpose and meaning. I was meant to do this. And this is the only beginning. Welcome and follow me through my journey.

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